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OH, isn’t Clinch just everything…


"you just like that character because they’re a robot"

ok and ur point is


Making legacies there bruh

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elksy reblogged that text post and it exploded like goddamn

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Sometimes I think about how Blood Elves survived a zombie apocalypse and sucked the magic out of demons and they’re reduced to “lol gay” because the dudes aren’t giant hulking musclebeasts like the rest of the goddamn world

a guild for Forsaken called Don’t Dead Open Inside

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This means you will never be inconvenienced by another group going in and killing all of the monsters and getting the loot before you do, but you will also never have the possibility of having another group or player come along and saving your hides from an ugly battle!

Does that even actually happen?


People need to accept that not all “cliches” are bad. People still like stuff like forbidden love stories, underdogs winning, and the dog biting back. The term cliche is negative, produces an image of all that is trite and boring, but actual cliches can be very good. Storytelling is built on cliches after all. 

It’s not the cliche but how it is utilized by the author.

I just realized that his eyebrows stick out of it too. jfc

Finally upgraded Reinear to level 90. No more aquaman. idek about that helmet though.

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